Trusting Alexa: A one on one with Amazon's Anne Toth founder Robin Wauters sits down with Anne Toth, Amazon's Director at Alexa Trust to discuss origins, status quo, and what's over the horizon for the all-knowing oracle.
Alexa. To trust or not to trust: That is the question.

While you might be quite well versed in most things Amazon, just how much do you know about Amazon's Alexa service? It's benefits for the blind and deaf? For an aging population?

Moreover, what do you know about the safeguards the company has baked into the device since day one, asking consumers to allow, ney, invite their technology into and become a part of their homes?

And founder Robin Wauters also reveals a few fun facts that are sure to impress your friends and neighbours, and perhaps even Alexa, at your next dinner party.

All this and more on today's episode!