The potential of Web3 in shaping the future of financial services

A candid conversation with 11:FS expert Mauricio Magaldi about what Web3 means for the future of finance, and what it doesn't.
We had a great conversation with Mauricio Magaldi, a London-based crypto connoisseur and blockchain thought leader who guides 11:FS clients into the world of Web3 and DeFi.

I was prompted to interview Magaldi as he was billed as the main author of a report entitled 'How Web3 is changing the future of finance', a great read on the subject.

Fortunately for you, we recorded that conversation and you can watch it in all its glory below. You can also watch it on YouTube here (subscribe!) and follow Mauricio on Twitter here.

You can ALSO check out Mauricio's mad drumming skills here.

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Robin Wauters @ 🇺🇦
Robin Wauters @ 🇺🇦
European tech journalist and analyst; founder of @tech_eu, previously @TheNextWeb & @TechCrunch. Also proud co-founder of @StartupLensEU and @BeCentralBxl.