The past, present, and future of Startup Wise Guys - with Cristobal Alonso

In today’s episode, Andrii Degeler sits down with CEO Cristobal Alonso to discuss the past, present, and future of Startup Wise Guys.
In today’s episode, Andrii sits down with Cristobal Alonso, Global CEO & El Patron at Startup Wise Guys.

Cristobal talks us through Startup Wise Guys' acceleration of investments during the pandemic, up to 60 to 80 per year, expanding beyond the Baltics and across Europe, entering Africa, and the challenges associated with each.

With 212 active portfolio companies, Startup Wise Guys is shifting away from its primary Europe focus, and actively working to establish links to the US to, "help companies who, even from the beginning" want to go to the US.

Alonso helps position Startup Wise Guys as Europe's premier accelerator through three key factors: the ability to follow on, recognising and partnering with "brand name" syndicates and angel investors through co-investments, promoting a global mentality.

All this and much more ...