The Drive at Five with Robin and Dan - Episode 4 with Monty Munford

Up this week: Celonis pulls down $1 billion in liquidity, thirdweb captures $24 million, and what its products mean to brands around the globe, crypto trading platform Bitlevex raises $50 in today's market?
Europe may be on holiday, but that isn't stopping the deal flow. This week Celonis pulled in $1 billion in liquidity at a $13 billion valuation, and Web3 investments take centre stage.

Nine-month-old thirdweb raised $24 million as it facilitates the creation of Web3 apps across popular blockchains, including games, NFT drops, DAOs, token gated membership clubs, and more. And despite Bitcoin dropping below $22,000 just least week and for all the doom and gloom talk of the "crypto winter", Estonian crypto trading platform Bitlevex raised $50 million from GEM Digital Ltd., a Bahamas-based "digital asset investment firm". Dan and our special guest Monty Munford discuss the red flags therein.

This, Monty ended up on John McAfee's yacht in Malta, and a whole lot more on episode 4 of's Drive at Five.

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