SumUp co-founder Marc-Alexander Christ on that €590 million funding round, its new valuation, and what comes next

We had a chat with Marc-Alexander Christ, co-founder and CFO of SumUp, which is celebrating its decade of existence this year with a new €590 million debt/equity financing round at an €8 billion valuation.
Immediately following last week's announcement of London and Berlin-based fintech giant SumUp's €590 million round, we had a chance to talk to one of the company's co-founders about the capital injection, which values it at €8 billion.

That valuation reportedly came in much lower than initially projected, which is a topic Marc-Alexander Christ didn't shy away from discussing (pointing out that the valuation is still 20 times higher than its last one).

Have a listen/watch to learn more about SumUp's early days, its plans to become the financial services partner for millions of small businesses around the world, its international expansion, and M&A strategy, and the likelihood of the company pursuing an IPO in the future.

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