On pivoting: becoming the painkiller and not a vitamin with Karoli Hindrix of Jobbatical

Serial entrepreneur, Estonia's youngest patent registrar, and Jobbatical founder Karoli Hindriks joins us today to discuss pivoting, how and why today's Jobbatical functions the way it does, and offers three key pieces of advice to the titans of tomorrow.
Having recently closed an €11.6 million Series A funding round, Jobbatical founder Karoli Hindriks joins the show today to discuss the hows and whys of pivoting the platform from a recruitment service to a talent relocation one; and how she hasn't looked back since.

"As a startup, you want to be a painkiller, not a vitamin." - Karoli Hindriks.

We also discuss the ins and outs of digital nomadic life, why and how governments need to recognise that worker patterns and expectations have changed dramatically in the past 50 years, and what country is the toughest to deal with in terms of relocations. Hint, it's the United States of America.

In the signature Tech.eu Lightning Round, we get to know Karoli as a person and find out that she is (for the purposes of this podcast) related to one of the greatest guitar legends of all time.

Closing out the show, Dan digs into Karoli's CV (yes, she once worked for Fox, but at the same time, also held a position as a cabaret dancer), and she leaves the youths with some sage advice.

All this and more on Episode 303 of the Tech.eu podcast!

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