🎙️Moving at angel speed without the traditional VC formality: Solo GP Sarah Drinkwater and her new £10 million fund

On this Drive at Five editione speziale the omnipresent community builder/angel investor/and now Solo GP, Sarah Drinkwater sits in to discuss her newly announced fund, Common Magic.

Tune in, turn it up, and start taking notes, because this week we're talking:

- What is a Solo GP fund?
- Angel speed, less structure, more access.
- Nightclub term sheets.
- Traditions to keep, traditions to change.
- Sarah has raised one-third of a targeted £10 million.
- Investing in 30 to 35 startups in Europe and the US at the pre-seed and seed stage.
- "Hey kid, here's a hundred bucks, don't spend it all in one place."
- "Products with community at their core." What does that mean?
- Sarah's first job? You do not want to miss the answer.
- Flexing the Google
- 2014 - 2018 London. Good times.
- SuperVenture: 40 people at a meeting, 38 in ironed white or blue shirts.
- Temperature check: what is the funding landscape like at the minute?
- What are LPs looking for right now?
- Who do you see as people, "who are underestimated and underrepresented in their field"?
- Grit!
- An eye infection, pitching for 50 hours a week, and nobody says yes.
- Pitfalls founders should be aware of when setting out on community building.
- Nick breathes community. But only if they smell good.
- A thesis, an ah-ha moment, and a "but isn't this obvious?"
- Great club nights.
- "I'm always nervous about trends because trends imply impermanence."
- Building community is hard. Community builders are busy.

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🎙️Moving at angel speed without the traditional VC formality: Solo GP Sarah Drinkwater and her new £10 million fund
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