Early-stage funding landscape in Europe

In today’s special episode, listen to a few fragments of a panel discussion about the VC landscape in Europe, organised by Nastasya Savina in early May. The participants, including our own Robin Wauters, discussed the changes in the industry related to the COVID-19 crisis and shared actionable advice for fundraising startups.

Here are the notes and links to the profiles of this week’s panellists.

🎙 Claire Munck, CEO at Be Angels and board member of Business Angels Europe

🎙 Philippe Collombel, managing partner of Partech

🎙 Inka Mero, founder and managing partner of Voima Ventures

🎙 Robin Wauters, founding editor of Tech.eu

🎙 Dmitry Kalaev, head of acceleration at IIDF.vc

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