A primer on sustainable venture capital investing with Elodie Broad (Balderton) and Kristine Nagle (Your Impact House)

We interviewed two experts to learn more about the evolving role of ESG in the European investment industry.
Tech.eu caught up with sustainability advisor Kristine Nagle and Elodie Broad, the recently appointed Head of Impact and ESG at Balderton Capital, to have a chat about what 'sustainability in VC' actually means, whether 'greenwashing' is a thing in that industry as well, and how investment firms can (should?) approach the implementation of ESG strategies internally and with their portfolio companies.

If your prefer, you can also watch the double interview straight on YouTube.

And in case you missed it, there is a new European VC collective called ImpactVC and comprising 120 venture firms, including Northzone and Balderton, that will attempt to disseminate industry knowledge on leveraging ROI and ESG value from impact-led investments.

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Robin Wauters @ Tech.eu 🇺🇦
Robin Wauters @ Tech.eu 🇺🇦
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